Retail therapy vs. “art” therapy

I have been on a self-imposed shopping ban for 2 or 3 months now AND it has not been easy at all! I did not quite realise or admit it to myself before, but now that I am not allowed to do any shopping unless it’s absolutely neccessary (which, sadly, rarely happens 😛 ), I am experiencing mild symptoms of withdrawal, therefore I can not lie to myself any longer – I was (I am?) addicted to shopping, at least to a certain degree. I was thinking what to do about this. The winter sales took off and the spring was approaching with its fresh SS14 collections and a certain number of summer shoes have found their way into my mind, taking way too much of my random access memory. So, what I did is I drew up a list of my current top 5 dream pairs of shoes and do what I do a lot lately to unwind: draw and paint them out of my mind!

1. Clarks and Orla Kiely collaboration. A decent pair of summer shoes actually IS one of those rare investments I need to make this year (currently, I only own a pair of sporty pink-coloured flip-flops and white canvas sneakers, neither of which rise up to te stature of a proper summer shoe, do they?) and these are my current number one. The only con is that they’re a bit pricey (150 € including shipping) and I can’t try them on. Recently, I’ve experienced so many dissapointments when buying shoes online that I am little reluctant to spend so much money for something I will only wear to justify the purchase, despite the discomfort they may be causing to my feet. Did I mention how much I dislike uncomfortable shoes? I’ll rather not start just now. So, here they are:-

The natural colour makes them so versatile I think they would go with just about any article of summer clothing I own. The chunky 5,5 cm heel seems promising comfort-wise and is at the same time a high enough heel (I dislike completely flat sandals or shoes in general). The upper part of the sandal is made of leather, it seems like it is made to last AND it has been designed by Orla Kiely! A designer whose line of clothing I have been admiring form afar, but which is sadly significantly over-priced for my budget. Maybe this is a unique opportunity I just HAVE to take advantage of!

2. Next on my list is a pair of Re-mix. Swing dancers now what I am talking about, but for the un-initiated: it’s a brand known for great comfort with its buttery soft leather and lovely designs which copy original styles from 1920s – 1960s. I have been wanting a new pair of Re-mix for ages and this is the pair I have set my eyes on currenty:

My only doubts about this style is that it may not be so durable due to its soft leather. I use the other pair of Re-mix I own only for dancing, so I don’t know how these would cope with a day-to-day wear.

3. These cherry T-bar sandals are just too adorable to bear! I have been wanting a pair of Miss l fire shoes for a long time now, but I just can’t seem to pluck up the courage and get a pair. One of the fears I have is that these my look as cute as hell, but would I actually wear them? They steal the show in their own right due to their rich ornaments and details, but I don’t think I can afford to build a whole new wardrobe just to be able to wear them. And I probably only have one or two things right now that I could wear with shoes like that. Decisions, decisions …

4. This is another pair of the brand I mentioned earlier and they are discounted because they are from the previous SS collection, but that’s about the only pro (erm, well, of course they are cute- this goes without saying) I can think of: I am seriously doubting their comfort as well as the matching factor I pointed out above. It is a shame, because they would look great at one of those aloha hawaiian parties I am so fond of!
5. These shoes are not something I would seriously consider buying, but they are pink and scattered with gems! What more could a princess want 😎

I now declare my “art” therapy experiment officially over! I realised just now that not only drawing, but also articulating my desires have a soothing effect. If nothing else, when I was finished drawing the third of the five styles I was lusting after, I wished I had wished less! Thank you for putting up with me through this therapy!

I’ll be more than happy to learn about your current SS14 obsessions and any suggestions you might have for overcoming unreasonable, unwearable, over-priced objects of desire ;-)))

Lots of love,


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