My anti-bucket list

Have you made a bucket list for this year? If the idea doesn't appeal to you, I suggest making an anti-bucket list - free of expectations, guilt or remorse, as it is only a list of things you've already done - easy and feel-good!

If I take a look at my last year’s New Year’s resolutions I can establish that I managed to do two things from the list quite well:

  1. I think I did quite a good job at limiting my buys, I threw a number of bags of clothing into a charity bin and I even managed to sell some clothing a our swing dance hang-out! I also limited my buys to only the items that needed replacing: a pair of jeans, some underwear, a coat. No fancy heels in colors that don’t match anything in wardrobe, rarely-worn evening dresses, never-worn accessories, etc.
  2. I went out of my comfort zone: I tried my hand at tutoring English language, and even auditioned for an anchor at a radio station.

Other than that, I succeeded in doing the following things:
– Got married!
– Completed a 60-hour course of German language.
– Completed a 3-month (36-hour) course on Web development (I am soo excited about this one!)
– Started some new long-term collaborations in the field of translation.
– Had my first solo exhibition.
– Visited the islands of Santorini and Vis as well as the city of Vienna.
– Attempted an ink drawing and painting with watercolours.

Of course, every year I can’t resist making a list of things to improve, but for this year, I will make one major resolution (with sub-resolutions or small steps to make it a reality), but I will keep that a secret (for now!).

My wish for 2016 to all of us is to make it a moderately better on a personal level, which will hopefully add up for this world to be a tiny bit better for everybody involved. Baby steps ftw!

XX Maruša



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