Shopping in Trieste

Hello darlings!

Yesterday I went shopping to Trieste with my friend, Jasna. Theoretically, the journey lasts only 1 hour by car (from Ljubljana), but if you include the time you spend orientating about town + looking for parking it amounts to 1.5 hours. Still, a small journey like that and you enter a whole new gelato-flavoured world.

The idea was to look for shoes (loafers to be exact), because in my opinion, Ljubljana has very few nice shoe shops + the weather forecast promised much nicer weather towards to West. 🙂 And it was really quite hot in the middle of the day, I could have gone bare-legged.


The whole shopping experience was actually beyond expectations, even though I didn’t quite get what I came for. This wasn’t my first trip to Trieste, but I am continually surpised at how beautiful its architecture is and how its shops are full of spirit, making a shopping experience much more interesting than your usual visit to the mall, which I personally find almost unbearable.


Notice the art deco details?
Apart from a great selection of shoes (and clothing as well, but I was mainly focused on shoes) – most of which were beyond my price range to be honest – the extra bonus were these adorable looking old-school shops that looked like from another era. Take a gander at this shoe shop, for example – isn’t it charming, as if time had stopped in there or like from Wes Anderson movie? And it is not something that has been made recently due to vintage being on trend, but rather that has persevered, and stayed intact throughout the decades.
Another thing I really liked was that the center not only has clothes boutiques and restaurants, but shops specializing in some basic things, like cleaning supplies, making the city center actually livable, as Jasna had put it.


Jules-Verne-20,000-leagues-under-the-sea diving helmet. Steampunk ftw.
I finally opted for these heavily discounted lace-ups, I think they were quite a bargain. Very good-looking Italian design, with lots of attention to detail and the uppers made entirely out of leather.  They have this bohemian feel to them, and are slightly out of my comfort zone, but definitely not uncomfortable to wear!
Last, but definitely not least, tiresome shopping deserves a reward. We were positively impressed by the service of complimentary peanuts, chips and cucumbers along with the sandwiches.


Ciao a tutti!

Have a nice Monday!



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