My Favourite Retro Clothing Shops

I have been away quite a while, a flu caught up with me, but the good news is I am back from the dead and I prepared this small list of my favourite online resources for retro clothing which you can have a browse at, whether just to get some inspiration or to actually buy some cute ensembles to wear at swing parties, if you are a swing dancer, or some theme parties.
I will talk about retro fashion (or vintage-inspired, as I had put it in the title) and not pure vintage,
wheras retro refers to a contemporary object or style containing elements of, but not replicating, an object or style from a previous era. (Urban dictionary)andvintage refers to clothing at least 20 years old, representative of their era. (An old white t-shirt is just an old white t-shirt, even if it’s from the 70s. High-waisted bell-bottom hippie jeans from the 70s, however, are iconic from that decade, and thus qualify as vintage.) Vintage can be used clothing, or it can be deadstock: clothes that were produced but never worn, still with their original tags. (*all photos and videos by respective brands/shops*

1. Lazzari

This one is quite pricey, but I do adore their collections and they are ever so sweetly presented. The dresses are usually made of silk or some other fragile material and thus only dry-cleanable, which is totally unpractical from my viewpoint. Nevertheless, I seriously consider buying some of their accessories (shoes, bags, belts) when they’re on sale. It is convenient for EU-based buyers, because they ship from Italy, so no custom charges, but it’s a 20 € shipping if you total price is less than 200 € (hello, collective purchases!)

2. Dear Creatures

Lovely designs and not too out of reach price-wise. Unfortuntaley, there come countries they don’t ship to (among them Slovenia), but you may find some of their styles at or use some mail-forwarding service. Not too practical, I’ll admit, but still lovely lookbooks to indulge in, wouldn’t you agree?

3. Orla Kiely (

This one is definitely way out of my price range and probably that of most people I knew, I daresay (a dress at 400 €, anyone?), but it is still lovely to watch her presentations, because who knows when one might win a lottery … A girl can dream, right?

I chose this one because it actually involves dancing to jazz music. I am not too sure about the dance though, is it waltz, tango, …? One thing I am sure of is that it is not swing dance 🙂 Nevertheless, a lovely video to watch 🙂

And, of course, I am not able to resist anything with a “Wes Anderson” signature:


Doesn’t this just make you  want to go camping, study butterflies and, erm, wear some pink berets? Totally adorable, music included!

4. Pepa loves
Really cute and affordable things, whimsical retro with a Spanish twist. Need I say more? Ok, here’s some photos 😀


5. Rock my vintage
This is actually a multi-brand store, stocking several retro clothing labels, but also genuine vintage pieces. It is a lovely site to browse through, and is UK-based.
6. Asos
Not exactly specializing in retro wear, but it does have a vast selection of styles and brands, and due to the fact that retro IS on trend, you can easily find something that ticks this particular box . Plus, there’s free shipping!
Here are some suggestions:

And that’s it for now! I wish you all a lovely evening!


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