Slovenia’s less travelled: Kostanjevica na Krki

Hello, darlings,

no, I have not forgotten about you, you are always somewhere in the back of my mind and I finally managed to push writing a new post to the foreground. What can I say, lately, life has been generous with things to do on an urgent notice, phew :S

The weekend before, I visited a tiny town, which is situated on a small islet on river Krka. “Slovenian Venice”, it is lovingly dubbed, and I became interested in it due to this article:

I was intrigued by the fact that a town with 750 inhabitants produced as many as 40 currently living artists, active in different fields. Supposedly, it is due to a charismatic and ambitious grammar school headmaster, who equipped his school with donated paintings and statues by Slovenian artists of the highest rank. Additionally, the town hosted colonies and residencies for artists from all over the world.

I just fell so much in love with the idea that if you are surrouned by art and professional artists since young age, you are more likely to embrace the idea of becoming a professional artist yourself. I grew up in the capital of Slovenia and certainly did not get such encouragment from my surroundings and I believe it is true for a lot of other Slovenians. Not the ones that grew up on this magical island boasting 11 artworks per person, though ;-))

Anyway, the trip was pure bliss, a sunny Sunday, filled with lots of exquisite art. At one hour from Ljubljana, and an entrance fee of only 3 €, it is well worth a visit. I am no art critic, but I personally liked the permanent exhibition better than the ones in Slovenian National Gallery and Modern Gallery combined.


Statues left by guest artists from around the world.




This is by no means the most representative selection of works. I encourage you to check it out for yourselves.


Can’t you just FEEL the softness of this velvet?


I wish you an energetic start of the week!

Maruša XX


One of the beautiful views on our way back.

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