Fresh Monday


how are you coping with this Monday? I was lucky to be outside, in the city center (I was demonstrating against our government’s reckless privatization) just when the sun was kind enough to shine for a couple of 10s of minutes. I also noticed, after several days of heavy rains and staying mainly indoors, how colourful the foliage still is, I was so sorry I didn’t have my camera with me. Next time.
I am recently trying to get back to painting. The external push came from the fact that a society I belong to holds a group exhibition on 11th December, so I have to stock up on some new works.  Of course, you will all be kindly invited to the opening, once the date is officially confirmed.
On the other hand, painting or any kind of creative activity is also good for fighting the depression that tends to sneak up on me as the days grow shorter and greyer. Yikes 😛


I hope this image sparks some good vibes in your grey Monday. I wish you a great start of the week!

Lots of sun,


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