The Pearl of the Adriatic

Enchanting the likes of George Bernard Shaw (one of my favourite historic figures, btw), Lord Byron and Napoleon, as well as the Game of Thrones set – Dubrovnik will hardly set to disappoint anyone!

And it is HOT in here! With the summer weather playing such poor tricks on us this year, it is a welcome end-of-August experience of the quintessential Mediterranean summer, the kind we remember from our childhoods.

Some fast facts about Dubrovnik for the uninitiated:

– It is situated on Croatian coast, on the very south of Dalmatia region, near the border with Montenegro;

– Dubrovnik is famous for its walled old town, dating back from the Middle Ages;

– It acted as a wealthy, independent city-state for prolonged periods of time in history;

 I tried to study some extra functions on my modest camera, so here are some of the results.


The building to the right reminds me much of the famous Doge’s palace in Venice.


Renaissance-style architectural details can be spotted all over old town.


A much-needed rest by the fountain on a balmy evening. Summer bliss!


The detailing on this door almost seems art-deco-ish. Any thoughts on that?


As in all touristy places, there are quite a lot of tacky souvenir shops around, but you can always find some precious exceptions, like this one here.


An old-fashioned barber shop

This is my last full day in Dubrovnik, I have been here for a whole week already and I have lots more material to share with you guys, so stay tuned for that 🙂

Big hugs,


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