Venice is always a good idea 8-)

Boštjan any myself made a spontaenous decision to go to Venice for a day trip. The car journey only lasted about 3 hours and we parked cosily at the Piazzale Roma multi-storey car-park (it costs 24€ for 24 hours). The day was foggy and humid, but that did not bother us at all! For one thing, the streets were much less crowded than during thesummer months, though the number of tourists was still suprisingly big. Venice is venice, what can I say. Plus, the foggyneess gave a special, mysterious, Jack-the-ripper touch to our trip!


Streets of Venice

Of course, we did some usual touristy snaps. Striking a pose at the Rialto bridge:


Guess where 🙂


Boštjan doing charleston at the San Marco square.


Near the Doge’s palace:



Coffee for 3 € just 3 steps from San Marco square. Venice is not so ghastly expensive! Next time I plan to have a 9€ coffee (6 if you drink espresso) in an art-deco style coffeeshop just on the square 🙂


Venice also boasts a LOT of cosy bars and restaurants, some equipped with very nice paintings and other beautiful objects, with mains starting from 11 €  …


Maybe this is just me, but this garage has so much of streetcar-called-desire-stanely-kowalski character. Dunno why 😎


They have some pretty cool opticians in Venice:


My modest purchases at Kiko! It was not planned, but when I bumped into it, I couldn’t resist. Luckily, Boštjan proved amazingly understanding and kept himself busy making photos of Venice!


We wanted to visit Peggy Guggenheim collection, which includes the likes of Jackson Pollock, Jeff Koons, Max Ernst, Andy Warhol, Magritte, … BUT we came there 40 minutes before closing time and didn’t want to pay 14€ to get thrown out halway through the exposition. Next time for sure! We did visit the museum shop and they stock some pretty cool T-shirts with Andy Warhol imagery at 49€. I was too stingy to get one, but maybe it’s a good inspiration for a DIY project?

All in all, Venice was pretty inspiring. I didn’t want to take pictures all the time, but I can say that its tradition in art and its historical heritage far outweigh the load the  tourism and tourists bring. Art is present on every corner – lots of art shops, uniquely crafted objects shops, museums, reading rooms, boutiques, candy shops, music halls make for a very inspiring trip! I highly recommend to check it out for yourself (prefereably in the winter months).



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