Grand opening of Vilharjeva dance studio – a subjective overview

Yesterday was a big night for Slovenian swing dance scene. For the very first time in our short history, we get to swing, learn, practice, hang out, drink, perform, eat, create and what not on our own premises. The (positive) implications of that will I am sure become obvious in the following months and years.

The atmosphere was accordingly charged with good vibes, complete with some tired yet happy organizers, regular dancers from beyond Ljubljana and Slovenia, relatives, casual drinkers, friends, old-timers, lovers and the like. Needless to say, the place was PACKED!

Performances were again a good opportunity to show off your dancing-performing skills no matter what your “level”. More of that, please! Maybe at the end of the school dance year? For me, these performances were a good opportunity to observe people’s faces while they are performing. I think it really makes a difference between “just” a good dancer and a good dance performer. A certain person or two totally stole my heart yesterday!

Anyway, I took some random personal photos without any ambition to cover the full event:

This photo is rather creepy, but I just remembered I coined a new nickname for Boštjan yesterday, namely Možgan. What do you think? :))
Skregani prijateljici: M&M
Nejc with his pupils.
Beautiful Tanja
The one and only: Katja!
Eighties glam-chic at its finest: Teja
Postaven mladenič v hozentregerjih.
An intimate corner for sensitive conversations …
Gasilska with a twist.
The loveliest couple this evening: Možgan & Nejc

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