La piscine museum near Lille

Only 40 or 50 minutes away from Lille by subway, there is a town called Roubaix. It would be just like any other French town, but the reason it is worth visiting is its museum with an art deco style swimming pool dating from 1920-1930. It is called La Piscine (i.e. French for swimming pool). But to our surprise, the museum also hosts a very nice collection of paintings by excellent, although not so famous artists, statues, pottery and even textile exhibits. Here is a brief tour:


A cathedral of Roubaix


In front of the museum 🙂


I just love how this artist managed to capture people’s emotions …


True drama … (this is part of the same painting as the photo above)


In awe …

I hope I managed to capture the atmosphere of this beautiful gem of a museum and you enjoyed this quick tour … I just love smaller, less pretentious museums hiding little treasures like these, don’t you?

I wish you all to take time to observe the beauty around you!



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